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Welcome to The Craniospinal Institute of Georgia

With more than 30 years of experience, Craniospinal Institute of Georgia's founder,  Dr. Daniel W. Moore, is a leading neurosurgeon for the treatment of neck and back pain as well as arm and leg pain originating from the spine. Dr. Moore is also an accomplished cranial surgeon and one of the only surgeons in North Georgia comprehensively trained to treat sacroiliac (SI) joint disorders.  We pride ourselves in providing a caring, conservative approach to treating our patients. We are always willing to take the time you need to discuss your specific problem and provide education and guidance so you make the best decisions regarding your treatment.



“Dr. Moore, it's an honor having you as my doctor. I appreciate all the care that you have given me. You are truly a blessing.”


- Cindy S.

“Our experience with Dr. Moore and his staff was exceptional! He made the process a lot easier to cope with and explained everything in detail to me and my family."

- Nicole T.

“Dr. Moore is a down-to-earth surgeon who does not rush you out the door. I find him absolutely approachable and am relieved I have found Craniospinal Institute."

- Monica W.

“Dr. Moore was extremely kind. He listened to my medical history, asked questions, and made me feel as if he gave me his full attention."


- Tabitha S.

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