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Epidural Steroid Injections

These injections are done using X-Ray guidance and can be used to treat neck pain, arm pain, back pain or leg pain originating from the spine.  In some cases , our providers can prescribe oral sedatives to reduce the anxiety associated with these types of injections.  Insurance approval may be required prior to these types of injections

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Injections

A very common cause of lower back pain, the SI joint is where the sacrum joins the ilium or hip bone.  This joint can become unstable for a number of reasons.  Patients with SI joint instability or dysfunction may benefit from therapeutic steroid injections into this joint.  For more severe SI joint dysfunction, surgical fusion of this joint can provide dramatic relief of pain.  These injections usually require prior authorization and you may be prescribed oral sedatives to make the injection more comfortable.  Click here to learn more about SI joint dysfunction and available treatments.

Trigger Point Injections

These are injections used to treat muscle spasms or focal points of pain in the muscles of the neck, upper back or lower back.  Prior approval is usually not necessary with these injection.  Sedation is not required for these injections.

 Occipital Blocks

Occipital nerve block is done to manage pain that affects the back of the head or one side of the head. shooting, zapping, stinging or burning pain usually have the best response to the procedure. Some migraines or cluster headaches.
SI Joints
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